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Label Processing machines have a critical task to perform – you rightly expect them to be accurate all the time and not, not unnaturally to work all the time, often in the most challenging of operational and environmental conditions. This means that the technical specifications are critical and the machines must be kept clean and scrupulously, free from all foreign objects,(paper clips, staples, rubber bands etc.) to function correctly.

Where appropriate, simple and concise cleaning instructions are to be found published within the relevant User Guide for each unit and by following these, you will both extend the operational life of the machine and, as direct consequence, make your own task both easier and more efficient. Additionally, where appropriate, we also provide a suitable Brush to assist you in this cleaning task and, for certain models, a Dust Cover is also provided.


Our products are designed to operate, without the attention of a skilled maintenance technician, for as long as possible. For this reason, we are the choice of many ‘blue chip’ organizations who depend upon our product reliability and competitive pricing to support their operations. However, any electro-mechanical device will require some form of care and attention from time to time and, in the initial stage, please always refer back to your supplier for their in-depth technical advice and assistance.

We operate all over Asia through direct marketing and authorized business affiliates. With their unique knowledge, it must always be to them that any initial guidance, or other queries that you might have be directed. However, in the unlikely event that you should subsequently consider that you are not receiving the technical support that you require, please contact us directly.

We warranty each product for 1 year from the date of supply of the invoice. Any distributor may extend this warranty, under their own arrangements, to meet any local supply conditions or requirements.

As part of our continual improvement cycle, we reserve the right to improve and alter specifications, without prior notice, to achieve this aim.

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