HSTC- 2030 Auto feeding label laser cutting machine

Close design type, accord with CE Certification standard, combines mechanical design, safety principal, international quality standard into one. It is safe without pollution and easy operation. Select working mode between continuous aut recognition cutting and orientation cutting. This model is special design for rolling label and rolling material auto cutting. It is able to overcome label position shift, label transformation because of tension, realize label cutting and rolling together, completely automatical operation.

Application Field
Suitable for printed brand、electronic panel、mask、textile brand(woven label)、cutting after embroidering of embroidery and such multitudinous industrialisation application.


Technical Parameter

Laser type

Hermetic and detached CO2 laser tube

Laser power


Cutting area

200mm×300mm view CCD 180mm×150mm



Repeating location


Moving system

Online moving control system

Power supply

AC220V±5% / 50HZ

Format support


Standard collocation

Pressed air compressor, 500W exhaust

Select collocation

High pressing blower electromagnetism valve and controlling board, water chiller

Sample Display
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