HSTC-RB421 Flexo Label Printing Machine

Product Description

Flexo Label Printing Machine's Information
Functional Characteristics of Flexo Label Printing Machine:

1) Fast speed: The highest speed is up to 1m/s; Tow or more coils of materials can be printed simultaneously, greatly increasing the production efficiency.

2) Large solid under color: Large area of solid under color printing can be performed and solid printing can be achieved. Meanwhile, the whole side can be printed with equal effect;

3) Sufficient solid color: This is a relief printing machine. The printing directly contacts the printed product, clear character printed on various kinds of tapes, sufficient solid color;

4) Fast color: Using special ink, dry for fast color, the printed product features washing resistance and fast color. The printed products can bear severe wash and stone wash. It meets the European and USA standards of environment protection and free of toxin. It can be freely used.

5) Universal size: Printing for tapes with different length can be performed only by changing plate cylinder. Multi use of the machine can reduce repeated investment.

6) This machine is suitable for materials including: Riband, cotton tape, rubber tape, nylon tape, paper tape and adhesive tape.

Work Parameters for Flexo Label Printing Machine:
Printing size: 4colors(3+1)
Max. /min, printing width: Max. 150/min. 3mm
Printing longness: 1~300mm
Power: 220V/4KW
Dimension (L*W*H)mm: 1600*650*1700
Net weight(roughly): 500KG


Wooden Package
Model NO.:
500, 000
Unit Price/Payment:
FOB, CIF Price, T/T, L/C
Min. Order:
1 Set
By Sea
Color & Page:
Double Faced Multi Colors
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