Product Function Description

High-resolution CCD sensor, built-in analog / digital converter, analog and digital signal directly in the microscope camera is displayed on the screen, through the corresponding interface can be on TV and computer can be displayed simultaneously. Software, video camera, video. Use simple, can reduce the visual microscope operator fatigue and injury.


Chinese and English operating software, high-speed USB2.0 interface, up to 480Mb / s.
Support for static image capture (JPG, BMP, GIF) and dynamic AVI image capture
Photo size: 720X576, 1440X1152, video size: 640X480 (25 frames / sec)
Software support for the exposure time, color, brightness, contrast, saturation and other image enhancement features later.
Image colorful, realistic, high-grade quality.
Support for DIRECT SHOW, VIDEO FOR WINDOW, MSN and all other related applications WINDOWS.
Support for Windows 2000 and XP operating systems?

Product main parameters
Optical microscope : 0.7 - 4 .5 X continuous variable host, 0.5X eyepiece, 1X objective lens (standard)
Display: 8 inch color monitor, resolution 640 * 480, OSD menu to adjust, with cross-line function
Digital Camera: 1 / 3 SONY CCD chip, 420TVL (PAL)
Output interface: Video BNC Interface, USB2.0 Interface
Magnification : 12.6 - 81X (can be changed according to the needs of the corresponding configuration, to meet customer)
Random accessories: 10W circular fluorescent light source 1, DC 12V 2A power supply 1, USB cable, CD-ROM.


FZ continuous zoom stereo microscope series of innovative design, generous, a new optical design, all the coated film can be formed in the large field of good contrast of the image plane, and just as good, especially in the peripheral visual field in image quality more bright and clear, to meet the modern biological research, semiconductor and other technology industries such as high-precision requirements, in addition to high magnification and high resolution advantages, compact design and long working distance make the products fully meet the different needs its function become more diversified portfolio perfect.


tube: 45 ° tilt, 360 ° rotating binocular head; interpupillary distance adjustment range 54-75mm; two head tube, as the degree can be adjusted ± 5 diopter adjustment range.
eyepiece: Use WF10X high eye point wide field eyepieces, the line field of view of 20mm, to facilitate the viewer to wear glasses.
objective: 0. 7X-4.5X zoom lens for continuous, to ensure homogeneous focus of the image plane.
Zoom range: Standard magnification in the 7-90X, big objective in matching aid, the magnification can be extended to between 3.5-180X.
Working distance: standard working distance of 100mm, the maximum can be configured as 30-165mm (optional 0.5X auxiliary lens large), provide users with more room to work.
Field Source: various types of electric lighting system, built-in fluorescent lamps, halogen lighting.
76mm microscope host interface, the column to the square, the base front-end distance of 205mm, with bottom light.

Base Specifications: 252x200x24mm, black and white with a 95x5mm platen.
Host Zoom range 0.7-4.5X, zoom ratio 1:6.5,45 º trinocular observation head
10X high eye point wide field eyepieces, the line field of 20mm, 30mm diameter head tube



A wide field of view, clear imaging, stereoscopic


45 ° inclined binocular observation, 360 ° rotation, locking the eyepiece, the left eyepiece tube with diopter adjustment ± 5dp, exit tube from the adjustment range of 55-75mm
90 ° rotating lens, there are three options: 1 × / 2 ×, 1 × / 3 ×, 2 × / 4 ×.
Pillar type rack, bent arm frame (with W-type were Emblem Mirror)
Input voltage 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz
Each bubble wrap, placed inside the cardboard box, two sets or four sets in one carton
A variety of accessories available
Optional Accessories:
1. Eyepiece: WF5 ×, WF10 ×, WF15 ×, WF20 ×
2. Additional lens: 0.5 × / 0.75 ×, 1.5 ×, 2 ×
3. Dark field table
4. Jewelery clip
5. Black and white set the stage / frosted glass loading platform (F95)
6. Fluorescent / Halogen / Ring Light
7. Wooden / aluminum alloy
Source configuration:
1. Transmittance and reflectance 12V 10W halogen lighting were
2. Transmittance and reflectance are using halogen lighting 12V 10W, to the lower light
3. Transmittance fluorescent lighting 5W, 12V 10W reflector halogen lighting
4. Transmittance fluorescent lighting 5W, reflective lighting halogen 12V 10W, adjustable lighting,
     light reflection
5. Transmittance and reflectance are using LED lighting


Original UCIS infinity corrected optical system independent color, excellent cooling system of innovation in scientific research, as the standard used in the BM series biological microscope, microscope makes BM the same price products in a more excellent performance highlights.
BM Series microscopes have a strong upgrade space, easy to add accessories, you can easily bright field, dark field, phase contrast, polarizing and other observations.

Objective Benefit from brilliant UCIS Infinity Achromatic Optics Design, objectives own higher numerical apertures, capture flat images over the entire field of view virtually minimum curvature. Mildew resistant finish is applied to the objectives.

Binocular Tube 30°inclined chain binocular tube based on the concept of humanity design makes it easy to operate, fatigue-free and 360°rotatable which satisfy the need of teaching.

Trinocular Tube Easy to connect and work with any kinds of camera and digital camera. Convenient to obtain and process images, as well as files´ storage.

Condenser Easy to operate, more precise and optimized contrast. NA1.25 Abbe condenser can meet the demand of different magnification objectives. Condenser aperture diaphragm uses the same color mark of objectives in order to get images of more resolution and contrast.

Revolving Nosepiece 4-holes or 5-holes. Avoid the influence of breathing. Easy to lay the sample and change objectives while observing.

Co-axial Coarse and Fine Adjustment Ergonomically designed. Scale precises to 0.001mm. Accurate, fatigue-free, steady and reliable.

Illuminating system 6V/20W high brightness halogen lamp provides clear and steady lighting. Large aperture and aspheric surface lens makes it easy for the images to get bright and even lighting. LED and battery system can be flexiblly configurated according to the demand. Also it is easy to change the bulb.

Dark Condenser Designed specially for dark field observation to get more excellent effect.



Clear image quality, easy operation, stable structure, powerful expansion of space, stability, quality, BM10301 Inverted biological microscope is a powerful guarantee your success

Excellent UCIS universal infinity independent-achromatic optical system provide you with a high quality imaging.

BM10301 inverted biological microscope provides a flexible upgrade path to meet your applications for observations of phase contrast, fluorescence, polarization, digital and photographing easily, and also can work with homothermal object stage, patch clamp, assistant stage harmonious.
The adapter can connect various kinds of camera and digital observe device.
72mm ultra-long working distance condenser provides enough space for culture dish.
Humanization machine design can make you work easily for a long time.
Excellent steady quality can improve your work efficiency.
The preliminary adjustment of center can make you take the observation of phase contrast comfortable.
Powerful upgrade space make multifunction easily be got.

In order to adequate to the demand of front-line science and research’s development, BM10301 adopts the design of modular and multi-interface, which makes it easy to upgrade or add accessories. It not only can improve your instrument’s efficiency, but also can reduce your expenditure.

c series inverted biological microscope can be loaded with v observation system, phase contrast observation system, polarization observation system and photographing, video-taping advices to meet your various kinds of observation demand.

The interface included can connect patch clamp, thermostatic cover, thermostatic object stage and other instrument applied in modern hi-tech domain.

Excellent optical performance

universal infinity independent-achromatic optical system, adopts the International advanced design idea. Objective, eyepiece, illumination and spotlight system can adjust aberration independently, which make the imaging more clear.

Fluorescence observation

BM10301 can be configured with four kinds of fluorescence-induced device, such as UV, V, B and G in order to change the observation mode between fluorescence and bright field. Fluorescence device is equipped with 100w mercury lamp box.
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