Plastic seal tag machine is the state of the art machine for making seal tags used in garment industries. It is provided with automatic foiling unit for both side of seal. It is a fully automatic machine and can be only used for making string seal of various size and shape as per customer requirements. 8 -14 pieces can be drown at a time depending upon the size of the seal string. It is having all the safety features as per the international standards.

Screw speed 0 - 200 rpm
Screw diameter 32 mm
Shot weight (max) 72 g
Motor power 5.5 kw
Platen stroke 200 mm
Space between the bar 308 x 205 mm
Heating power 4000 W
Pressure 150 Mpa
Stroke 35 KN
Machine weight 600 KG
Machine dimension 1.43 x 0.82 x 2.7 m
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