What Unit suits my needs?

HSTC provides a full range of products from Label Looms, Cut n Fold Machines, Laser Machines, Flexo/Screen Printing Machines, Leather solutions, Starching & Finishing Machines and relevant equipments. Determine the quantity of labels that you handle each day. Post your enquiry on our site and let HSTC help you decide the best machine for your needs.

Why should I purchase HSTC unit versus other brands?

HSTC is one of the market’s most preferred brands. We are the guarantors of all our product warranties. Our quality is unmatched and our internal service culture drives us to continuously seek innovation. You can be sure we are always at the cutting edge of technology and support.


Are HSTC prices competitive?


Yes, however price is relative. Value and peace of mind go hand in hand. Our prices reflect fair market value and allow HSTC to stay at cutting edge of the technology and support. Fair market value has allowed us to serve the market for years and it is the very same positioning that allows us to be here for you in future. No matter how many enter or leave the market.

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